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Seasonal Swing, LLC is an indoor golf simulation and entertainment center in downtown Hillsdale.

We want you to have fun while you are here! Before booking, please consider the following:

1) It takes one individual roughly 1 hour to play 18 holes of golf at an average pace.  Four golfers playing 18 holes should plan on roughly 4 hours to play.

2) You can play with up to six individuals at once, just keep in mind the more golfers, the longer a round can take.

3)  Our rates are based on an hourly fee per simulator.  For example, one golfer playing for one hour and four golfers playing for one hour would cost the same.


Booking Help:


  •  To book hours for yourself or your group use the "Book Service" function.

  • To purchase a gift card or to buy bulk hours, use the "Buy Products" tab

    • Gift cards can be bought for any amount. The initial options are the amounts it would take to buy our bulk hour options. The recipient of your gift will still have to purchase these bulk hours

    • NOTE: You cannot gift bulk hours at this point. This option is for individuals looking for membership prices. Buying in bulk applies a discount towards your hours. You can use these hours as credits to pay for time slots you book in the future. You do not have to book the time slots when you purchase bulk hours.

  •  If you have issues or questions about booking, we will be available by phone starting Monday December 12. Check back then for the phone number.

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